SOLAR STORM Press Release

A solar storm hits the Earth sending a city into chaos and three of its inhabitants on a journey of discovery, pursuit and death. “Solar Storm” is a character-driven action drama where the lives of three people coincide as the effects of the storm on electrical infrastructure and human behavior create a dangerous situation of escalating jeopardy. The story follows: Joe, an ex-gang member who has tried to go straight but when he's made redundant and can't pay his rent is forced by necessity to go back to his criminal past; Jasmine, an economic migrant who is trapped in an abusive relationship and needs to find a way to be free and; Inspector Munro, an experienced 'old-school' police officer who pursues them. They all meet when Joe takes Jasmine hostage after robbing a gas station and escaping Munro's attempted intervention. As the pair continues to evade the arm of the law, the attentions of a manipulative controlling husband and a betrayed gang hell-bent on revenge, they become close and as they share the stories of their lives a relationship develops, of mutual need...and desire...and they recognize a chance to escape their problems together. In scenes that alternate between intimate intensity and 'high octane' chase sequences, the themes of financial crises, environmental influence, socio-economic politics, identity and love are explored through the personal circumstances that the characters are forced to confront and try to deal with. This feature film is the inaugural project of Pelican Pictures founded by actor and producer Joe Rabl.

Rabl moved from his native Austria to the United States and attended acting schools in Los Angeles (Harry Mastrogeorge, Stella Adler) & New York (Lee Strasberg Institute) making his début in "Godzilla" (TriStar Pictures, Roland Emmerich, Dean Devlin) followed by "Breakdown" (Paramount Pictures, Dino de Laurentiis, Jonathan Mostow) Returning to Europe, Joe has continued to work in film, TV & print commercial campaigns and has created Pelican Pictures' to foster international collaboration to generate projects with commercial value and artistic integrity. The idea of “Solar Storm” started with Joe witnessing the Aurora Borealis when he worked on a trawler out of Dutch Harbour, reminded him that despite our technological advances we are a part of Nature and its forces. Such a powerful impression resurfaced in connection to the unsettled times we live in and the approaching climax of the 11 year solar cycle. He wanted to tell a story that is entertaining and at the same time deals with contemporary concerns and the extraordinary influence of the potential effect of the sun on our physical and psychological metabolism.

Rabl approached actor and screenwriter Thomas Rushforth to develop and write the screenplay. Rushforth, after many years on the London theatre scene has latterly extended his creative life into screenplay writing. Having been recognized at a number of international film festivals, worked on English versions of foreign language scripts and with various projects at different stages of development, “Solar Storm” is his second original feature screenplay. Pelican Pictures (Consortium Group) Joe Rabl) Copyright © ® Joe Rabl